Chatting online

Adult Chat Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these rooms really free
Yes, there is no cost to use our chat rooms. No hidden charges of any kind.

2. Are these rooms safe?
Yes, generally speaking they are. We do have a chat safety page you can review but the bottom line is, if you do not share private information to anybody, you will be safe.

3. Are there any special hardware or applications I need?
Our chat will work on basically any device whether it is mobile, tablet or desktop. It is also compatible with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. There are no additional downloads required. We always recommend to upgrade your browser to the latest release.

4. I am having technical problems with the software, who can I contact?
You can contact us using the contact us page if you have any technical issues.

5. I am having problems with with a user inside the chat room, who can I contact?
You can contact one of our active mods or if the issue is serious enough, please contact your local authority.

6. Do you store message or conversation logs on your server?
No, we do not.

7. Do you store any personal identifying information about me?
Our chatrooms do not require registration, therefore, there is no actual information you are providing us. We do, however, have the IP address you use to access our website.

8. Do you share my IP address information with anybody?
Generally speaking, no. However, if we are contacted by law enforcement, we are required to share such information as long as appropriate documents are presented to us.

9. Do you have any other chat websites you recommend other than this one?
You can find other chat links that we recommend.

10. Do you have any rules that I must follow?
You can find the official chat rules clearly stated. They must be followed or you risk being kicked out or permanently banned.

11. How long do kicks and bans last?
They can range from about 2 hours up until forever. It all depends on the severity of the act.

12. I was banned for impersonating a female selling pictures of cam sessions (commonly known as 'E-whoring') or advertising my website. How long is the ban for?
Forever. We do not allow this sort of activity.

13. Can VPN's be used to access this site?
No, we do not allow VPN use. These types of connections are usually abused.

14. Who can participate in these chat rooms?
We allow users of every lifestyle include lesbian and gays. We do not discriminate. Must be 18 or over though.