Chatting online

About Us

Adult Chat Net was established to give web users a different type of chat experience.

With the demand you see on the web today, we felt it was necessary to establish an adult chat room that allowed users to find both sex chat and regular clean chat. We have tried to make this chat room as safe as possible while respecting the demands of our users. This site has been originally created back in 1998.

Throughout the years it has undergone many changes and has developed into what you see today. The classic chat utilizes flash technology with award winning chat software provided by 123FlashChat. For a more modern style interface, we also utilize software based on Meteor technology. Clean and robust, you are sure to love them. All of our chat rooms are compatible with today's latest browsers and devices. Please use the contact us form if you are having any issues.

The old Digichat rooms have been phased out as they have become outdated. The latest chats provide video and audio chat rooms strictly for adults. We welcome all users including gays, lesbians and singles. The rooms are staffed by volunteer moderators who keep the room safe and secure. Please note that they cannot be on 24 hours a day. Always exercise caution when communicating with other individuals and please read all the chat rules. We want to make your chat experience a fulfilling one.

2017 marks the 19th Year Anniversary for Adult Chat Net. Our community continues to grow strong and look forward to an even brighter future serving our users. In April of 2017 we launched a complete redesign of our website. Further updates happened in June, 2017. There will always be ongoing improvements to this website. We want to give the best user experience possible to all of you.

We hope you enjoy the new look. Please leave us feedback and suggestions about our website. We would love to hear back from you and read each and every comment.

Please note: You must download flash software to utilize some of chat rooms. Some browsers may have issues, but we have other rooms you may utilize in case your browser is not compatible.